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The Cabanne District CDC partners with our neighbors and stakeholders in the West End community to provide a supportive environment to overcome housing, educational, social and economic barriers. We provide opportunities for the entire community to acquire housing and skills that build resiliency and self-reliance, enhancing the quality of life and potential for current and future generations in our neighborhood.

CDCDC: Driving change, empowering communities, and building sustainable futures.

OUR MISSION: CDCDC develops, finances, and advocates for affordable housing at scale that promotes racial equity, sustainability, education,innovation and healthy communities where all families opportunity to thrive is endless.

Our focus is on the systemic and environmental inequities experienced by historically marginalized people due to their race and ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status,disability, and other attributes. We have firsthand experience and expertise in a variety of strategies being used globally to promote economic, health, justice, and energy equity. We believe that changing the systems and conditions that perpetuate or maintain the inequities and injustice WE experience will require neighbors of these groups and their advocates to lead, shift power, and drive the solutions. The foundation for creating strong, economically resilient, sustainable, bankable, livable communities is increasingly built upon a spectrum of place based activities that develop improved community revitalization tools and strategies.

CABANNE DISTRICT CDC history of acting as a catalyst for change. Our initiative to play a critical role in shaping the West End/VP future. Equitable Energy Mixed Income Community Initiative (EEMICI) EEMICI engages a wide array of audiences to work together toward strategies that promote low energy mixed income communities places where people can live, work, play and age. Where the energy burdens levels are low to none. Mixed income communities are critical to achieving neighborhood equity and rejuvenating economy and quality of life.

Transforming communities with capital for equitable/sustainable community development. Bridge predevelopment and construction financing for passive type of housing/commercial developments. As we prepare our neighbors for the implementation of Smart West End Plan/ Federal Justice 40 initiatives. To where they will get hands on approach and workshops. To understanding and knowledge to operate these new technology upgrades that comes with the IRA.

We’re we are fueled by renewable energy,smart sustainable infrastructure,IOT technology. To help co create the quality of life We and others will crave for.


By driving systemic change and empowering communities, we work towards creating strong, resilient, and livable neighborhoods.

Affordable Housing Development

We specialize in creating safe, comfortable, and affordable homes for diverse communities, ensuring access to decent housing options.

Equitable Energy Mixed Income Community Initiative (EEMICI)

We promote low-energy mixed-income communities, fostering neighborhood equity and economic revitalization through energy-efficient solutions.

Sustainable Community Development

CDCDC transforms communities through sustainable practices, offering financing for passive housing and commercial projects. We integrate smart sustainable infrastructure, renewable energy, and IoT technology for environmentally friendly and resilient communities.

Our Mission

CDCDC is dedicated to developing, financing, and advocating for affordable housing at scale, promoting racial equity, sustainability, education, innovation, and healthy communities where all families have endless opportunities to thrive.

We concentrate on addressing systemic and environmental inequities experienced by historically marginalized people due to factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, disability, and more. Our expertise spans a variety of global strategies promoting economic, health, justice, and energy equity. 


Smart community services enhance quality of life by leveraging technology and data. They fall into three categories:

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